What Have I Been Doing?

I know you didn’t actually ask.. But I’m going to tell you anyway. I’ve been putting down my phone and connecting. I’ve been making eye contact and actually listening. And I learned that a few hundred miles means nothing to soul sisters.

I drove to Pennsylvania. I left on the 30th of June as soon as I could get away (which ended up being about 3:30) and came home on July 4th. Let me tell you – that was an adventure. We didn’t do anything insane. In truth, some of what we did was hang out in the same room while playing on our phones, swapping pins and quotes on instagram. We shopped and giggled in dressing rooms together, we sat by fires and played music, we danced like we didn’t care. And if that was all we had done all weekend, I would have been okay. But it didn’t stop there.

There were walks in the park and coffee in bookshops. There were talks about everything from boyfriends, to church, to temptations, to parents, and to lessons learned. And it was easy. I didn’t have to come in and conform who I was to something they were expecting from me. And I didn’t expect them to be anything. And that, ladies and gents, is true friendship. No judgments, no expectations, not excusing the failures, but not condemning them either. These ladies, these wonderful women, did the same for me.

And they didn’t even laugh when I was momentarily terrified to jump off rocks into a waterhole. Love. Friendship. Refreshing. It felt like slipping into that old, faded sweater – the one that’s worn out and dingy, but is warm and feels like home. So the Idle Ginger took a break, and put on her sweater. And maybe you should try it too.


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