Adulting: Millenial Style

Sometimes adulting means knowing when to take a break… So for the past week, I’ve gotten off work and done basically nothing – and that’s okay. I’ve been stressed and tired and going a little bit crazy so I decided to take a little bit of an absence from responsibility (aside from work). I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t work on putting together or finding furniture for my house… I just rested. And resting took a few different forms.

First of all, it looked like taking a few nights and just watching my old childhood favorite movies. I raided my mom’s (again, she’s a superhero) stash of VHS tapes and found a working VCR so I could binge watch things that made me feel like a kid. There was also a lot of video gaming going on (mostly something called Dead Island which reminds me of The Walking Dead, but better).


Favorites include Aristocats, Rescuers Down Under, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin


Other than that, I took some time to catch up on my reading. I finished reading (and reviewing) No Country for Old Men and Fable: The Balverine Order. And I started reading a book I received in a book swap on one of my groups – Game of Thrones. I’ve seen one season of the show and personally, I’m liking the book a lot better (but I haven’t even finished the first book yet).


My Goodreads “2017 Reading Challenge” page

And last but certainly not least, I’ve been setting up a bullet journal. My affinity for lists and doodles coupled with my inability to keep up with an actual journal or planner makes this system perfect for me because it’s all in one, and it’s all decided by me. I can track what books I’m reading, write notes about my week, keep up with bills, and track my moods all in the same spot. It may not be for everyone – but I love it. And the fun part is I can add little embellishments while I have a few minutes of downtime, no matter where I am.


So that’s my life this week… Journaling and doodling and having a blast. The Idle Ginger is living up to her name this week.


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