My Life is a Sitcom

Well, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration… But right now it feels accurate. I bought a stove this weekend and put that in place in my house, but the doors still aren’t on the fridge and the bed frame is still in pieces. So right now instead of a house, I have a really big storage unit that comes with its own bathroom and kitchen. Makes sense, right? (And I thought moving would be the easy part, silly me).

The real nail in my “sitcom” coffin is the package I got today. It came with my name and address on it, so despite my confusion and thoughts of I haven’t ordered anything, have I?, I opened it.

The offending “gift” package

Cat treats. That’s what the mystery package is. I double and triple checked the packaging, but yep – my name was still on it. The only note that came with it was a gift receipt from Amazon that, when scanned, pointed me to a thank you note for someone named Laino. Strangers sending me packages? Packages that have nothing to do with me? Tell me that doesn’t sound like something that would happen on TV. I’m the Idle Ginger, and I guess now I’m a sitcom character.


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